about this blog

This is a blog I write in English. My main blog is here. It's written in Japanese. Japanese language is not only my mother tongue, but also it is a big resource of my job since I am an instructor of Japanese language.

My purpose to write this blog is to know what kind of assistance I need in writing blog in foreign language. This trial will help me to understand what my students feel when they are assigned to write blogs in Japanese, and what kind of assistance I need provide with them.

First, I will read language teachers' blogs in English, using RSS reader. Then, I write brief impression about the blog, and send trackback. I don't know how the bloggers will react, but I will try, anyway.

For now, I see two problems. One is if I can find good blogs. This will depend on the key word I put in the RSS reader. And the second problem is my motivation. I am not so diligent (even though I require to be so to my students).

I believe that writing blog is very efficient way to improve your language. If am right, this blog will help me to improve my English too.

Anyway, let's get started. Writing English is fan for me.

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