It was miserable.

As I wrote the day before yesterday, I and my wife confronted my daughter in Hyakunin Isshu Karuta game yesterday.

In short, we lost.
And it was miserable.

We took 16 cards, and my daughter took 33. Two grown up adults were beaten by an elementary school girl.

I had known that she was practicing every day, so, I gave up to remember all of the cards, but concentrated to the 76th cards to the 100th. I managed to learn those cards by heart before the battle started. (By the way, we used only the cards from the 51st to the 100th.)

When the game started, I and my wife sat side by side, and my daughter sat in front of us. She put the 25 cards in front of her, while I put 13 cards in front of me, and my wife put 12 cards in front of her. My wife was supposed to take the cards from the 51st to the 75th. As I mentioned above, I was responsible for the cards from the 76th to the 100th. All of the 13 cards in front me were included in those 25 cards.

Half of the cards out of 50 cards were in my daughter's area, and I gave up to take my responsibility for the cards in her area, because I was quite sure that she will take the cards before I can reach out to her area. So, I concentrated to the 13 cards in front of me.

But she was fast. It was amazing.

Sometimes, I didn't even hear anything before she took the card in the deepest low of my area. But after the card was taken, I heard the voice of an APP read out the exact poem that she took.

Well, of course I feel proud of her as a father, but in fact, I can not deny that I am thinking on how to beat her in the next match.

(The video below was taken at the Competitive karuta Queen Match 2016)

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Hiraga said...

All we can do is making efforts to get more cards from her ---even it will be just 1 card --- until this weekend.

But..... at the same time, I know that's is very tough task for us. (TдT)