Kawagoe festival

”UNESCO heritage list adds 33 Japanese festivals as single entry”

I am very happy to hear this news. I don't know the detail yet, but I am sure that Kawagoe festival is included in the 33 festivals.

Kawagoe festival is one of the three major float festival in Japan. I can't recall one of them, but the other is Gion festival in Kyoto.

In Kawagoe, we had a float for each district. My house was in Oute-machi district, so, I pulled the float with other people who lived in Oute-machi. It was the best opportunity to communicate with my neighbors, since some of them were very busy with their daily business. There are almost thirty districts in Kawagoe City, so you can see lots of floats in the festival.

An elementary school girl lived just next to my house with her family, and she had been practicing the bamboo flute all through the year. Sometimes I could hear her practicing in her house. And her most important occasion to perform her bamboo flute was the Kawagoe festival.

During the festival, kids played traditional dance music with bamboo flutes and Japanese drums on the moving float with kids who dance to their music in their traditional costumes.

Our kids were too small to dance or to play musical instruments, but if they had been old enough, they would have insisted to perform in the Kawagoe festival. I feel sorry that I left Kawagoe eight years ago. I miss the City even now.

The festival is held in October every year. If you have a chance I strongly recommend you to visit and see this festival. If you are interested, you can read further information from the official web page.

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