Use Japanese Hashtags in Instagram

Have you tried what I wrote in the previous post?
If not, please write your profile in Japanese first.

If you have done it, let's proceed to the next lesson.

It's the hashtags.

Before you start posting something with Japanese hashtags, please note that there are some rules to use Japanese hashtags as learning resources.

If you use hashtags to find something to read in Japanese, then, it's easier.
Search any keyword you like, such as #君の名は。(You name), #聲の形(A Silent Voice), #この世界の片隅に(In one corner of this world), #甲鉄城のカバネリ(KABANERI OF THE IRON FORTRESS), and so on.

But if you would like to communicate in Japanese, I recommend you to use hashtags more related to yourself, such as your nationality or your profession.  The reason is that you have to find somebody who would be interested in you. For example, if you are a Hungarian, find Japanese people who are interested in Hungary. If you are a graphic designer, use #グラフィックデザイン, which means "Graphic design" in Japanese. If you live nearby any sight-seeing spots such as Niagara Falls, then it might be a very powerful keyword. If you are a Muslim, you can find lots of Japanese using the keywords like #イスラム(Islam) or #モスク(Mosque).

So, the main idea about using hashtags to find Japanese people to communicate with, is that you have to use Japanese keywords which are related to yourself. You can use whatever you like to find these keywords. Personally, I use Google translation in such cases, but it doesn't matter what you are going to use. If you like printed dictionaries, that's fine. It's up to you.

The next question is "which social media you should use?".

If you are novice in Japanese, photo sharing service such as Instagram is the best. In Instagram, you always have visual aids to understand the Japanese words written as a caption or comment. This will be a great support in your earlier days in learning Japanese.

I will write how to comment in Japanese later on. If you can't wait commenting, you can start it right now, by using Google translation. But if you feel shy, it is completely all right to have a certain period for just looking at the posts by Japanese people. Or, you can react to them by tapping "like" buttons at least.

If you can't find useful Japanese hashtags to learn Japanese, please ask me in a comment. I will try to find it out for you.

In my next post, I will help you to find useful communities to learn Japanese in Facebook. Don't miss it!

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