Yes, I'm in.

My Challenge

I decided to participate to 30 Days of Blogging Challenge.
This challenge is created by AJ. Juliani, who wrote an amazing book "Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom". This book is about Genius Hour in which students make their own learning plan, and share the final products. I have a self-directed learning class in our Japanese language institution as an instructor, so, I like this book and agree with his opinion.

In the 30 days of Blogging Challenge, you have to share your blog URL, and declare how many words you write a day, and how many times you publish a week. Actually, I don't know how many words I can write a day right now, but I guess it will be about one hundred words so far in this article, so, 200 hundreds will be enough. Mr. Juliani says he will write 500 words a day.

One of the reasons I participate to this challenge is that I am going to work in Canada from May. I have a long experience of working abroad, but never worked in English speaking countries for 30 years since I worked in Banff Springs Hotel in 1987. Now, I don't feel so much difficulty in reading English, but writing is completely another thing. One of my new year resolution is to brush up my writing skill in English. So, it was really an amazing co-incident or "serendipity" to find this Challenge.

Then, what shall I write?

Actually, I have very clear vision of what I will write in the next 30 days. I wrote a book for Japanese teachers and students how to learn a foreign language with social media. But it will be useful for English speaking people too, to use this method to learn Japanese as a foreign language. So, I'm going to share how to use simple Japanese to make Japanese friends. I hope it will be interesting to English speaking people, too.

My 2017 blogging goals

  1. Write 200 words per day.
  2. Publish twice a week.

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