Write your profile in Japanese.

If you would like to learn Japanese using social media, you have to write your profile in Japanese before you start following them. Generally speaking, some of Japanese people are very shy, and they will not follow you back when they don't understand what is written on your profile. So, making your appropriate profile is the very first key to start learning Japanese through social media.

First, I recommend you to write what you love about Japan.

Most popular pattern is "ハマってます" .  (Hamattemasu)
Original verb "hamaru" means "fall into something" or "caught into something so that it can't move".
But if you use this word with something you love, it means that you love something too much, you are addicted to something or you are into something. This usage is very colloquial, so it is usually written in Katakana, not in Hiragana.

Into "Attack on Titan".

Into "One Punch Man".

If you would like to say something else, all you have to do is just to fill in the blank in the following pattern.

Second, I recommend you to write about your identification.
Of course, you don't have to disclose your full name, phone number or street address. 
But at least, your nationality or cultural back ground will be needed to have Japanese followers.

These following patterns describe your nationality as well as the country where you came from and that you are eager to learn Japanese language.

(nihongo benkyouchuuno ____jin.)
Fill in the blank with your nationality, then it means "I am __ who is learning Japanese."
"-人" (-jin) means person, so, "Nihonjin" means Japanese, and "Kanadajin" means Canadian.


  1. 日本語勉強中のカナダ人。I am a Canadian learning Japanese.
  2. 日本語勉強中のハンガリー人。I am a Hungarian learning Japanese.
  3. 日本語勉強中のフィリピン人。I am Filipino learning Japanese.
  4. 日本語勉強中の韓国人。I am Korean learning Japanese.
  5. 日本語勉強中の中国人。I am Chinese learning Japanese.
  6. 日本語勉強中のインドネシア人。I am Indonesian learning Japanese.

If you don't know how to write your nationality in Japanese, just copy and paste from this page.

But be careful not to paste all of the word, if you find some Kanji character after Katakana in your country name. It means something like "Republic", "Kingdom", and so on. The word "人", or "person" does not follow these Kanji word. So, just paste a Katakana Part.

  1. アメリカ合衆国 The United States of America
  2. アメリカ人 an American (person).
I can't say that "アメリカ合衆国人" or "a person from United States of America"is grammatically wrong, but I have never seen such an expression.

Third, if you live in a big country like Canada or China, you can add your town, too. 
It is super easy because you just add "在住" (zaijuu) after the name of your town.
Here is the examples.

  1. エドモントン在住。Live in Edmonton.
  2. カルガリー在住。Live in Calgary.
  3. トロント在住。Live in Toronto.
  4. モントリオール在住。Live in Montreal.
  5. バンクーバー在住。Live in Vancouver.
  6. 北京在住。Live in Beijing.
  7. 上海在住。Live in Shanghai.

If you live in Canada, and love watching "Attack on Titan", then your profile will be like this.

A Canadian learning Japanese. Into "Attack on Titan".

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask me. Feel free to add your comments.

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